Custom Textile Engraving

Adding value to textiles via engraving is a unique process. Using lasers for textile engraving best renders incredibly detailed designs, logos, and text in multiple textile types.

The following types of textiles are good candidates for laser engraving:

  • Denim
  • Felt
  • Kevlar
  • Burlap
  • Natural Coir Fibers


There are some fabrics or textiles that should avoid laser engraving. Realize that loosely woven fabrics can unravel or burn in the process. Terry cloth and plush fabrics are not preferable either. Textiles that are tightly knit or threaded are best for engraving fine, intricate work. Engraving textiles is an attractive option for fabric throw pillows, vests, name tags, gloves, hats, and bags.

Engraving textiles is a good choice for customizing shoes, t-shirts, belts, and other fabric items. Usually, lasers are set on a high speed and low power to prevent burning textiles while still allowing for a layer of material to be removed. Doing this allows the laser engraving to reveal rich texts, logos, or ornamentation.

Consider the possibilities with MD Custom Engraving:

  1. Create personalized wallets, custom denim jeans and jackets, promotional giveaway items, and unique gifts.
  2. Snag a doormat or car floor mat with laser-engraved messages and filigree for work or home.
  3. Upgrade the look of all kinds of textiles for commercial or residential use via masterful execution of complex visual ideas with a laser.

MD Custom Engraving has the experience and technology to bring your textile projects to life. Choose from their catalogue of designs, layouts, and products, or come ready with your concepts for products. Utilize the power of laser engraving to stand out among the competition for marketing purposes, show off expertly engraved textiles at formal functions, or transform plain, unadorned textile items into something collectible.