Custom Glass Engraving

Since ancient times, the masterful art of glass engraving has been in practice as early as 1 BC in Rome. Some of the most coveted items in modern museum collections are engraved glass goblets covered in highly detailed imagery. Today the art of glass engraving survives via words or imagery embellishing building windows, dishes, drinkware, and plaques. A combination of different tools and methods allow an artisan to achieve more intricate, sophisticated designs.

A combination of different tools and methods allow an artisan to achieve more intricate, sophisticated designs.

Experienced glass engravers may employ a combination of the following tools and techniques to execute the desired effect:

  • Drill engraving using flexible attachments to carve, engrave, or polish glass
  • Laser engraving cuts and marks the glass to create designs
  • Point engraving uses a handheld carbide, diamond, or tungsten tip to stipple
  • Sandblasting using abrasive grit in select areas while other sections are masked
  • Wheel engraving uses a copper, diamond, or stone wheel fitted to a lathe to mark glass

Commonly, etching and engraving are used interchangeably to describe the designs on the surface of the glass. However, engraving is a physical process, whereas etching uses chemicals. Glass engraving is a timeless art form to create stylized carafes, shot glasses, award plaques, wine glasses, and even unopened bottles.

MD Custom Engraving provides skilled, dependable glass engraving for customized decorative plates, award and memorial plaques, and other valuable items. Create memorable gifts for weddings, celebrate anniversaries, and recognize others for their contributions with engraved glass pieces.

It is possible to render photos of individuals, repeating patterns, lettering, figures, and animals utilizing various engraving techniques. Celebrate an event with engraved wine bottles, beer glasses, or mason jars. You can order promotional items from MD Custom Engraving for company giveaways with a logo engraved on glass products or honor people with a customized glass plaque, including text and graphics.

Glass engraving allows you to create personalized drinkware, decorative platters, and other fantastic products with customized designs, logos, and text. Call on MD Custom Engraving when you need meaningful glass engraved gifts for loved ones, work associates, or special occasions.