Custom Engraving For Events

Any in-person event can benefit from custom engraving!

Bet you didn’t think of these ways you could use engraving for your next personal or corporate event!
* Centerpieces for weddings, banquets, family reunion, etc
* Stunning visuals for corporate fundraisers
* Gifts/prizes for employees at company parties
* Custom party favors for guests to commemorate special occasions
Imagine receiving a USB drive with the pictures from your loved one’s wedding. with the date or their names were engraved on the surface of the device. That special day would be unforgettable. We can help you turn any occasion into a memorable one with custom engraving for events.

Any in-person event can benefit from custom engraving! Let guests at your wedding take home their champagne glasses you engraved with your partner’s name and the date of your reception. Create beautiful custom centerpieces for the tables at your next family reunion. The possibilities are endless.

Tell us about your event and MD Custom Engraving can recommend the best way to use engraving to make it unforgettable and unique.