Custom Food Engraving

The modern science of engraving food creates a visual feast for the eyes. With the aid of laser technology, professional kitchens have wowed customers by rendering fine, detailed images, decorations, or lettering on cookies, fruit, vegetables, and pastries. Today, you can take advantage of the power of laser engraving for many types of edible products.


Here are some fantastic ways that you can utilize food engraving for commercial or personal use:


  • Centerpiece displays for weddings, banquets, family reunion
  • Stunning edible visuals for corporate fundraisers
  • Create one-of-a-kind engraved treats for tailgate parties, barbeques
  • Amaze customers with sample products with laser engraved company logo 
  • Mark appetizers or giveaway treats artfully for a holiday event


So, how are lasers capable of engraving images and fonts on the surface of the most delicate foods without damage or compromising the taste? A computer-controlled laser with a scanning head and software focuses on rendering desired designs onto food with minimal effort.

A CO2 laser can directly engrave logos, codes, identifying numbers, or other custom information on foods. These types of lasers for food engraving require a small amount of energy and work quickly. Using laser engraving helps reduce food contact with chemicals, paper, glue, or plastic and is safe and effective.

When you need laser engraved designs expertly placed on foods with precision, contact MD Custom Engraving. We can handle marking the surface of fruits, vegetables, cookies, appetizers, bread, and more to your delight. Upgrade the food served at any social or corporate event with the help of laser engraving. Keep guests buzzing about the customized appearance of their meals and create a more memorable experience.

If you want to engrave food in a way that reduces energy consumption, eschews traditional labeling, and renders detailed designs in a flash, call MD Custom Engraving. Our expert food engraving will help you proudly showcase your brand, surprise clients, and bring showstopping food for personal or commercial events.