Custom Leather Engraving

The feel and smell of natural leather has no equal and is the perfect canvas for engraving. Leather is a traditional and versatile medium ideal for creating a wide range of custom images, lettering, and decorative ornamentation.

Some of the best types of leather to use for engraving include the following:

  • Natural leather
  • Napped leather
  • Nubuck leather
  • Suede

Sheets of raw leather are durable, take to engraving well, and create a high-value product after a visually striking design is made. Leather is an optimal medium because it is supple yet resilient enough to handle being carved, burned, stamped, cut, or punched without losing quality.

Many traditional engravers perforate, stamp, and carve into leather manually using time-tested steel tools and a steady hand. A hand chisel and a leather mallet can create detailed designs by carving and cutting into the layers of leather, gradually leaving behind an embossed image.

Advancements in engraving technology allow leatherworkers more freedom and creativity to create flawless, stunning imagery. Leather designs can be burned into the material with precision by machine using a laser.

MD Custom Engraving can help you discover the beauty of engraved wallets, briefcases, leather-bound journals, phone cases, bags, belts, and shoes. Celebrate an event with an expertly engraved leather item covered in intricate designs. Decorated leather products make a premium gift for colleagues, family members, and close friends.

Laser engraving can achieve a level of detail unmatched by traditional hand tools on vests, jackets, wallets, and more. Choose from our library of designs to create a treasured leather item or allow us to bring your creative vision to life.

Customize a knife sheath, vest, or wallet with a rustic, rugged look using vintage or modern details. Transform a leather item into a refined heirloom using MD Custom Engraving’s state-of-the-art tools and a keen eye for perfection.